9 helpful sleep success strategies

9 TED Talks for successful sleep

TED Talks are a font of knowledge with influential videos made by thought leaders and experts in every field, from education to business and everything in between. They are also, perhaps surprisingly, a helpful tool for learning more about sleep and how to get the best shut-eye possible.

Tune into talks by medical professionals like Kelly McGonigal and Dr Lissa Rankin to discover how sleep affects our health and what we can do to improve sleep quality significantly.

1. Lissa Rankin

After quitting her medical practice to gain a deeper understanding of mind/body medicine, Dr Rankin unpacks the Truth about Your Health in her TED Talk and reveals her findings of how the mind can aid in the healing of the body.

2. Kelly McGonigal

In Kelly’s talk, she encourages us to think of stress as a friend and turn the tables on any negative effects by reaching out to others.

3. Russell Foster

As a circadian neuroscientist, Russell spends a large portion of his day-to-day job delving into why we sleep and busts some myths about why we don’t. He also explains how scientists can use our sleep patterns as a future indicator of our mental health.

4. Matt Walker

Sleep scientist Matt talks about why sleep is crucial to our immune system, memory, learning potential and genetic code. His helpful sleep tips will give you some good ideas about what you can do to change your sleep patterns.

5. Jessa Gamble

Ever wondered how much sleep cycles have changed over the last few decades? Jessa talks about what a natural sleep cycle used to look like vs how it is now and encourages us to make the necessary changes for the sake of our health as she discusses what science knows about the human body clock.

6. Jeff Iliff

Jeff gives us one more good reason to get a good night’s sleep by focusing on how this essential organ receives nutrients.

7. Charlie Morley

As a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Charlie specialises in using both Western and Tibetan Buddhist dream practices. His focus on mindfulness will have you reconsider both your dream and waking life as he encourages you to embrace lucid dreaming so that you can wake up with more awareness and peace.

8. Arianna Huffington

Arianna urges us to focus on the bigger picture and sleep our way to success as she shares her ideas around getting a good night’s sleep. She also reminds us of the power of sleep and how it is possible to sleep our way to better decision making and increased productivity.

9. Eric Whitaker

Whitaker, who went viral with his virtual choir of 2,000 voices from all over the world, chats to us about the many challenges he faced while making music powered by YouTube and introduces his new project called, “Sleep” which he created using 2052 virtual voices.

Ultimately, whether you sleep like a baby or toss and turn, it isn’t hard to understand the impact of sleep in our lives and why it is so vitally important for our health.

We have compiled quality resources to help you sleep. From using the right tools – in the form of making your mattress work for you, to the small changes you can make today to ensure you sleep better tonight. You might want to check out these blog posts:


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