5 fun Fathers Day gift ideas

5 fun Fathers’ Day gift ideas

Sunday 20 June 2021 is Fathers’ Day! If you’re looking for a gift for Dad that goes beyond socks or biltong, how about showing him that you appreciate him by giving him a break? These five sleep-centred gifts will ensure he gets a great night’s rest.

1. Turn your home into a hotel

Everybody loves the idea of a fancy hotel stay! Recreate the idea at home for a COVID-safe and cost-effective Fathers’ Day treat. Start by setting Dad’s room up like a luxury hotel room – crisp, clean sheets, a chocolate on the pillow, a fluffy bathrobe waiting and maybe even a room service menu. If you want to go all out as a family, you could consider a new bed if your dad’s current one is no longer in the best shape. If that’s out of your budget, new bedding or new slippers next to the bed will add a touch of luxe. For some thoughtful hotel-style touches, place a bottle of water on the bedside table and set up a coffee and tea station with some baked treats.

2. Sleeping in style

Upgrade your dad’s PJs for a comfy night’s sleep. You could also add a soft fleece beanie for chilly winter evenings or a sleep mask to help your father get good quality sleep by ensuring complete darkness. This is a good option if you live far away from your dad – arrange to have a “sleep hamper” delivered to him with sleepwear and some sleep goodies like chamomile tea and a nice mug.

3. Perfect pillows

Pillows are a critical part of creating good sleeping conditions. Perhaps Dad would benefit from a memory foam pillow, which supports the natural curve of his cervical spine, comprising the first seven bones in his neck. Memory foam adapts to the specific shape of each person’s head and neck when subjected to temperature and pressure, and then returns to form again. A memory foam pillows gives you the same amount of support in every area, which stops your neck from lying crooked.

4. Sleep-healthy gadgets

Using a humidifier at night can help to combat dry winter air, which can help your dad if he struggles with allergies, dry skin or even snoring. There are even humidifiers available on the market now that incorporate a white noise machine, which can help to block out noise if your dad is a light sleeper.

5. A late lie-in

To ensure your dad gets the most out of Fathers’ Day, instead of bringing him breakfast in bed, let him sleep in. Keep the house quiet and hold off breakfast until he’s ready to get up. Then bring him his tea or coffee and set up his favourite breakfast. If your dad’s an early riser, set aside quiet time for later in the day so he can fit in a nap and catch an extra 40 winks.

For more fun sleep facts and expert sleep advice, visit our Sleep Blog.

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