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Restonic was formed during 1981 by Mr Michael Metz. He is a formidable business man, who has grown this business against all odds to a multi-million Rand dynasty and house-hold name. Mr Metz started working for his father in 1974 in his furniture factory.

In 1981 Mr Metz started Metz Bedding which subsequently became Restonic (an international brand manufactured under licence). Restonic is a family business and currently employs over 300 people.

Restonic, being a family business, was formed in the most humble of surroundings and beginnings, but the attention to detail and the drive to succeed from Mr Metz, as well as to manufacture and provide superior products saw the phenomenal growth of the business. It grew from a small operation during 1981 to a Sleep Group that supplies all the leading furniture retailers on a national basis.

With over 35 years’ experience in the mattress manufacturing industry, Mr Metz has built a strong house-hold brand recognised as the bed of choice by the South African consumer. The small highly experienced management team are able to make quick decisions because of owner management and exceptional experience in the industry.
Restonic – one of the largest bedding producers in Southern Africa, has a clear vision of becoming the largest and most vertically integrated Bedding Manufacturer providing comfort and a good night sleep in every home, in the markets we serve.
To achieve this ambitious dream there will be many obstacles, one of the largest obstacles in the bedding industry is logistics and the costs associated with the transportation of chunky raw materials and finished products.
So, it makes sense for Restonic to partner with one of the leaders in the market when it comes to logistics, transportation and manufacturing. KAP industrial group is the perfect match.

Supporting Dreams Since 1938

Restonic merged with the KAP Group in January 2015 and formed an Integrated Sleep Group.
Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, KAP is an industrial group, predominantly focused on business operating in emerging African markets. KAP delivers services and manufactures products to a wide customer base, with three of their operating divisions offering great enablers to the Restonic vision, namely:

  1. A supply chain solutions division that designs, implements and manages supply chain and logistics services;
  2. An integrated timber division with timber plantations, saw mills and production facilities related to timber products; and
  3. An industrial manufacturing division which includes, furniture and bedding components, in fact all the components required in the manufacture of bedding, namely timber, spring, fabric, foams, expanded polyethylene (EPE), plastic legs, insulation pads (Thermo Bonded Dura Pads) and fibre are all currently manufactured by KAP Integrated Bedding.

The merger between KAP and Restonic will result in the Restonic brand being incorporated under the entity known as KAP Integrated Bedding – www.kap.co.za
The reasons behind this massive merger are clear. KAP Integrated Bedding, with its new acquisitions can now manufacture high quality branded beds at affordable prices. This happens at 7 facilities in 5 strategically positioned locations throughout South Africa and Namibia.

The Sleep Group comprises of six main brands, namely: Connacher, DesleeMattex, GreenCoil, iDream, Vitafoam and Restonic.

  • Connacher – is a textile recycling company offering Restonic and other industries eco-friendly raw material components and sustainable mutually beneficial solutions.
  • DesleeMattex – was established in 1962 and is a jacquard weaving mill which manufactures fabrics for the bedding industry in South Africa.
  • GreenCoil – Restonic’s premium pocket spring brand.
  • iDream – Restonic’s premium foam brand.
  • Vitafoam – who is the largest producer of flexible polyurethane foam in South Africa and has been in existence for over 38 years. Vitafoam also manufacture Spundbond and face masks.

Restonic supplies to the all leading furniture retailers in Southern Africa.

So, the big question around this merger is: What will change?
The short answer – lots – and all to the benefit of the Restonic brand and the end consumer, a good night sleep is a right not a privilege!

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